Assignment Tips


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Essays often create an argument, demonstrating your understanding, or follow certain prose.

The essential structure is the hamburger:

  1. Intro / Thesis

  2. Arguments (3+) – don’t be one-sided, consider and refute

  3. Conclusion

Citation tips can be found here.


A report is VERY different from an essay, and so it’s very important that you follow your teachers instructions.

Reports convey specific information about a topic, often concluding with specific recommendations or knowledge summaries. They are usually focused on a specific topic, event or results.

In general a report doesn’t have a set structure, but will include:

  • A title page AND a table of contents each on their own page

  • Numbered Pages

  • Illustrations / diagrams / bullet points / pictures that ENHANCE and EXPLAIN the content

  • Sections / Topics, with headings to help organize the report

  • Conclusion – draw recommendations/conclusions from the information presented in the report. the purpose is to be straightforward (not flowery) and grounded in information that is IN your report.

  • Proper bibliiographical techniques (in the appropiate format), captions for any images / tables / diagrams

A report template can be found here.

Note: Image/table/figure captions are tricky to do in google docs. There is a glitchy add-on you can try, or make each into a google drawing and add the caption in the drawing. You can see this in the sample.